The development of visual motor skills is crucial as it enables students  to coordinate their eye movements with their hand movements, enhancing their ability to perform tasks ranging from writing and drawing to sports and other daily activities effectively.  The Ready to Print app includes a progression of pre-writing development activities for developing these visual motor skills.  When a student has developed enough fine motor control to hold a writing tool, it will be appropriate to introduce a stylus to develop a proper pencil grip.

The Importance of Proper Pencil Grip
A proper pencil grip is not just about holding a pencil; it’s the foundation of a child’s writing journey. It affects handwriting, speed, and the efficiency of writing in later life. Developing a proper grip can be challenging, but it’s a critical step towards fluid handwriting and effective communication.

Selecting the Right Stylus
A stylus can mimic the experience of writing with a pencil but on a tablet. The stylus we recommend stands out for its thoughtful and child-friendly design: it’s rigid, washable, perfectly sized for little hands, and features a index finger guide and a durable tip.   Many of the other “kid friendly” styluses you’ll find are flexible (not like a pencil) or have thin rubber tips that can tear easily with overzealous

Why and When to use a Stylus with Ready to Print
Using a stylus offers numerous advantages:

  • Enhances grip technique: It encourages the development of a proper pencil grip, essential for writing.
  • Improves coordination: Manipulating a stylus on a tablet helps children develop visual motor coordination.
  • Builds strength and control: Regular use of a stylus can increase strength in the hands and fingers, leading to better handwriting skills.

Your child’s occupational therapist will know when a stylus is appropriate, but in general, consider introducing a stylus for kids who are able to hold a writing utensil.

Tips for Effective Stylus Use

  • Position the tablet at an angle using an incline (slant) board or by using a case with a stand.
  • This will help with visual line of sight to the stylus tip, and will prevent the wrist from registering as screen touches





Where to Buy
You can buy the Write Right Stylus on Amazon.   For bulk/school orders, visit the Write Right Stylus website at