Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for the Ready to Print app by Essare LLC

What this Policy Applies to

This privacy policy applies to the Ready to Print app for iPad, Android tablet, and Kindle tablet.   It does not apply to the website, which is a marketing/informational website that does not have any data connection to the app.

Last Update to this Policy

This policy was last updated on November 5, 2023. It was reformatted for a new website and some wording changes were made.   No substantial changes to our privacy practices were made at this time.

What versions of Ready to Print does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to versions 3.3.0 and later of Ready to Print. If you are using an older version, please update it via the store you purchased it from (Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore).

What information does Ready to Print collect?

If you use the login functions of Ready to Print, the app maintains each user’s login ID, the settings for each user, and progress information for each user. If you do not use the login functions of Ready to Print, it does not collect this information.

What does the Ready to Print app do with the information it collects?

All information collected by Ready to Print is stored exclusively on the device. Login information, settings, and progress information is never sent to Essare LLC or any other third party. On some devices, Ready to Print offers a feature whereby you, the user, can send progress information by email from the app. When you use this feature, the information you send is under your control. Ready to Print prepares an email which is handed over to the email app on your device, where you can enter the address you want the information sent to. Delivery of the email is handled by the email system on your device, not by Ready to Print or Essare LLC. If you use features of your device to back up data on it, the information stored by the Ready to Print app is included in this data.

Does Ready to Print display advertising?


Contacting Us

You may Essare LLC by email at


If you're viewing this on your phone, the app store page will show the app as "Unavailable for your device".   That's because Ready to Print is for tablets only.   Find us in the appstore or visit our site from your tablet, and it will be available!

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Ready to Print is a tablet app for developing pre-writing skills in students 2-7 years old.